Sunday, 2 June 2013

Cheap Android Phones Review

Recently my 9 year old daughter wanted an Android Phone and I set a budget of £100. Eventually we went for a Samsung Galaxy Ace but I asked her to write something so here we go a child's experience and thoughts.

When I got my Android phone, I was thrilled. I had a Samsung galaxy ace (white) it is a lovely phone, and I would happily have one again. It has fantastic sound, and perfect pictures. It also comes, with a set of headphones (black) And for the money, I personally think it’s worth it. I have always liked Android phones myself, and so has my family. I also have a Samsung tablet. It is a 10.1 inch. You can play games, go on the internet, and check the weather and, you can even draw! It comes with a special pen too. I think it is perfect for work myself. I would recommend an Android phone to anyone who was very young, and was interested in the different qualities of the different Android phones.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Apps for 2013

When are they ever going to release Bejewelled Blitz on Android it is taking forever. Does not make sense now that the company has been taken over by EA should be a right cash cow for them.

Bottom line it is still one of the biggest casual games on facebook and would be a massive hit should it ever get released.

I really though when I saw Bejewelled 2 that it had to include this feature but no once again disappointed.

I know we have moaned about this before but it is so annoying!

On a more positive note we have recently started up a review site, the theme is pretty large but we do have a niche page for Mobile Phone Reviews which should be of interest to many of our readers.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Quick Android Update

Been thinking about getting the HTC1x but have resisted temptation up until now, it is a great phone but price measured against the increase in functionality does not quite do it for me yet.

In the meantime check out Webmaster Link Exchange - Free Web Link Exchange Directory. Where Webmasters go to trade links with other webmaster, they are a great help.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Android Cases

Snugg were very kind to send me a case for review which should appear shortly on Android Tablet Review, to summarise it is a great case and if the quality is consistent from Tablet to phone cases then it is well worth considering.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Best Andriod Apps

Recently I have been using a few new apps which I found really useful, here are the top 5.

1) AirDriod - Start the app whilst connected to a wireless network go to a PC punch in the IP address that the app supplies and there is your phone ready for remote control.
2) Flick Kick Football - Still one of my most favourite games wish they would add some RPG elements to it though.
3) CoPilot - The best Sat Nav for Andriod?
4) Astro - Useful little tool
5) Alarm Clock extreme free - Have been looking for a reliable alarm clock for ages.

Always interested to hear of any apps why not let me know either here or over on

Monday, 9 January 2012

Bejweled Blitz on Andriod Phones

Will we ever seen this game come out for Android phones. As a casual game it is one of the best out there are Popcap being bribed by Apple perhaps. I keep looking for this game almost every dam week and when Popcap announced Bejeweled 2 for Android I was gobsmacked to find the dam game did not contain the Blitz game mode.

I know there are other games of this type but the attraction of bejewelled is to compete weekly for a score against your friends on facebook.

Come on Pop Cap sort it out!

Thursday, 29 December 2011

HTC Desire S Great Android Phone

Well I'm delighted to be able to say I have finally changed my phone. I could not quite find the money for the Samsung Galaxy S2 off contract it was close to £500.

At £280 odd at the Car Phone Warehouse Sim Free I was delighted with the HTC Desire S. My impressions so far are good, its very fast compared to my old HTC Hero and does everything I want to it to do. Battery Life is superb, speed is great, it has the Andriod Operating System or Android if you insist I spell it properly.

My next consideration is going to be what provider and currently I think I will opt for T Mobile due to the generous relaxed attitude to 3G. I have noticed that Orange do like to charge a lot if you go over your allowance.

The negatives are the screen size I would have preferred something slightly bigger given that I use my phone to watch movies. However it is very light have better reception and will now play most Xvids and DivX movie files natively.

Mt HTC Hero did not have enough speed to be able to do this so had to convert Xvids to MP4 format.